SpongeBob: (Squidward wakes up and gets out of bed as he walks over to his cupboard, SpongeBob does the same and they both walk out of there houses at the same time) Hi Squidward, what a wonderful morning
Squidward: If you say so...
SpongeBob: (Pulling a small, sticky object out of his pocket) Squidward look what Pat got me for my Birthday yesterday
Squidward: (Looking at the object) What is it?
SpongeBob: It's a sticky toy, silly (Spongebob shows Squidward what it does by throwing it onto Squidward's nose)
Squidward: (Angrily) Get this stupid thing off of me!
SpongeBob: But if I pull it might hurt your nose
Squidward: Just do it, it can't be that sticky!
(Scene cuts to the Krusty Krab as a scream can be heard in the distance)
Squidward: (With his nose half ripped off) We must never speak of this again, agreed?
SpongeBob: (Looking at Squidward) Agreed... (They both walk into the Krusty Krab as Squidward walks to the register)
SpongeBob: (Running into the kitchen and speaking to the toy) You go in here and I will see you after work (He places the toy in his pocket and gets to work)
Squidward: (Through the serving hatch) One patty SpongeBob
SpongeBob: Okey dokey Squidward (He begins cooking the patty) Uh... where is it? ... SQUIDWARD!
Squidward: WHAT! What could you possibly want?
SpongeBob: Squidward were out of ... Salt!
Squidward: You woke me up from my beauty sleep ... (Whispering to himself) ... Not that I need any to tell me were out of SALT?!
SpongeBob: (Thinking) Um... yeah, luckily I always keep spare condiments in my pockets (He reaches into his pocket but his hand grabs the toy that sticks to his hand and as he pulls it out it flies across the room and onto the burger)
Squidward: SpongeBob where’s the Krabby Pa... (He sees the Patty) Oh here it is (He picks it up)
SpongeBob: Squidward my toy!
Squidward: (He hands the patty to Nat) Here you go Sir (Squidward’s tentacle gets stuck to the toy so he can't hand the patty over to the customer)
Nat: Ok, you can let go now.
Squidward: No I can't (Nat pulls the patty as it snaps the toy that wraps around Squidward)
SpongeBob: (Running out of the Kitchen) Squidward are you ok?
Squidward: I am no thanks to you and your stupid toy (Spongebob runs over to Squidward)
SpongeBob: (Pulling the toy wrapped around Squidward) It won't budge
Squidward: Well pull harder then!
SpongeBob: I AM! (Spongebob's hand slips causing it to wrap even tighter around Squidward)

1 hour, 27 minutes and 53 seconds later...

SpongeBob: Well we've tried everything but nothing's worked (Thinking) Hmm,... Who's the smartest guy I know?…
(Scene cuts to the outside of Patrick’s house)
SpongeBob: (Knocking on the rock) Pat, Pat, you in there?
Squidward: YOU IDIOT PATRICK WON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! The only thing he can do is eat and sleep
SpongeBob: That’s not true... He can breath too
Squidward: Only a scientist is qualified enough to cut this thing off of me
SpongeBob: A scientist you say?
(Scene cuts to Sandy’s treedome)
Sandy: Well Squidward, I think I can solve your problem, all I need to do is pull real hard... (Sandy pulls on the toy) One more tug and it should snap right o...
(The toy snaps off of Squidward and Squidward flings through the air and lands into one of Sandy's inventions)
(Sandy and Spongebob run over to Squidward in the machine)
Spongebob: Are you Ok Squidward
Squidward: (On the floor in the machine) I’m fine now I can go home and play my (Squidward stands up knocking a lever) Clarinet?
Sandy: (Shocked) Squidward quick get out of there its not finished yet
Squidward: (Scared) What is this machine
Sandy: Its my TIME MACHINE but its not finished
(The machine door slam shuts)
Spongebob: I'll save you Squidward (He jumps on the machine only to hit the dial to 23 years)
(The machine shakes then disappears)
Spongebob: What’s happened to Squidward?
Sandy: (looking at Spongebob) What number did you hit on the dial before he left.
Spongebob: (Thinking) um... I think it was 23 years
Sandy: So that means Squidward is 23 years in the past. And if we don't save him he could be stuck there forever
(Scene cuts to the inside of the time machine)
Squidward: (Laying on the floor) What where am I? (He stands up) (Scared) I got to get out of here. (He leans on a button and the door opens) What the...? (He walks out of the machine) OK i've seen enough. (He runs back to the machine and he turns the dial on the outside) Right 23 years into the future. (He turns the dial but it snaps off the machine and rolls down the hill) Uh oh. (He runs into the machine and pulls a lever) Come on... (The machine shakes and tips Squidward out leaving the machine to disappear) This can't be happening. (Shouting) NOOOOOOO...
(Scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome)
Sandy: In order to get Squidward back we need to find out where he is so I linked this camera to the Time machine. (Sandy presses a button and a video of the inside of Sandy's house shows up)
Spongebob: Hey Sandy that looks like your house.
Sandy: (Confused) But that means... (She runs out of her Treedome) (Looking at the machine) Great now we will have Squidcakes back in no time.
(Scene cuts to Squidward)
Squidward: I suppose I just have to wait here until they show up (Looking at a younger Mr Squarepants) Hey isn't that Spongebob's Dad. (He walks over to him)
Mr Squarepants: (Walking to his soon to be wife's house and he knocks on her door)
Mrs Squarepants: (Inside her house) One minute be right there.
Squidward: (Walks next to Miss Squarepants house) Excuse me Mr Squarepants but… (Walks towards him but trips over a stone and knocks Mr Squarepants over and down the hill) BARNACLES!!! (He runs after him)
Mrs Squarepants: (Opens the door) Hello anyone hello?
(Scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome)
Spongebob: (Thinking) So your saying in order to get Squidward back we just need to find another dial and go get him.
Sandy: Sure
Spongebob: OK lets get too it.
Sandy: I just need to go and grab another dial and I will be right back. (She runs into her Treehouse)
Spongebob: Ok Sandy (He looks at where his hand should be but it is gone) What the…? (Shouting and running to the tree house) SANDY!!!
(Scene cuts to inside of Treehouse)
Sandy: (Picks up dial from chest) Ah I knew I had a spare one somewhere.
Spongebob: (Bursting through the door of the Treehouse) SANDY MY HANDS DISAPPEARED!!!
Sandy: (Looking at his hand) Something Squidward must of done in the past has affected you in the future.
Spongebob: Like what?
Sandy: Be right back (She walks off screen for about 5 seconds then walks back on) It looks like Squidward has made your Mom and Dad never meet. Right now you do not have a Mom or Dad so you do not really exist and in a few minutes you will never of existed.
Spongebob: (Nervously) How long do I have?
Sandy: Umm I'd say just over 7 minutes, so we need to get Squidward back and make your parents meet or you will be gone forever.
Spongebob: FOREVER!!!
Sandy: Forever.
Spongebob: FOREVER!!!
Sandy: Yep forever.
Spongebob: FOREVER!!!
Sandy: Yes forever.
Sandy: So we need to fix this dial to the machine before you disappear.
(Scene cuts to the machine in Sandy’s Treedome, there is thunder and lighting outside Lighting strikes the Treedome and hits the Time machine making it disappear)
Sandy: (Walking outside) So if we just connect this to the machine then we should have you and squidw... (Looking at the place where the machine should have been) Where did it go?
(Scene cuts to Squdward in the past)
Squidward: (Holding the dial) At least I found the dial all I need now is the stupid machine. (Machine flashes and appears) At last. (He runs into the machine and sets the dial to 23 years into the future, it flashes and disappears again)
(Scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome)
Sandy: (Confused) I just don't understand how could the machine just disappear like that without the dial.
(The machine appears in the Treedome)
Spongebob: Holy Sea Cow
(The door of the machine opens and Squidward runs out)
Squidward: Finally I’m back.
Spongebob: Squidward your back.
Sandy: Howdy Squidward
(They both run into the machine)
Sandy: Now we have to get Spongebob back to the past so he will not disappear forever.
Squidward: Forever (Evil grin) Sandy why don’t come and get um... a Krabby Patty
Sandy: Sorry Squidward I can't
Squidward: Barnacles!!!
Sandy: Could you look after the machine just in case something happens to it
Squidward: Yea sure whatever
Spongebob: Bye Squidward
(The door of the machine shuts)
Squidward: No way am I wasting anymore time in this place (Walking to the front door of Sandy's treedome) Now to practice my Clarinet (He walks to his house) This would be a great time to practice my new stereo system to treat Bikini Bottom to some real music. (He plugs his stereo to the wall and plays his clarinet really loud)
(Scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome There is a small crack in here dome)
Sandy: (In the machine) As soon as I connect the lever someone broke. (Looking at Spongebob)
Spongebob: Ohh sorry.
Sandy: Then we can leave, how are you anyway.
Spongebob: Well we better hurry I only have my face and legs left.
Sandy: (She connects the lever to the machine) Done now lets go.
(The crack in the treedome spurts water into the treedome making the machine rise with the water)
Sandy: What the Jack rabbit… (The machine reaches the top of the treedome and smashes through the roof and fly’s off down the hill past the Krusty Krab and to a cliff edge and leans on the side.)
Spongebob: (Laying on the floor of the machine) Where are we?
Sandy: (Getting to her feet) I don't know open the door and look (He gets up and Sandy presses a button the door opens)
Spongebob: Well it look fine. (Stepping out) AHHHH!!! (He falls but grabs on to the lever) Sandy HELP!!!
Sandy: (Reaching down to Spongebob) Grab my hand.
Spongebob: With what?
Sandy: Ummmm your foot?
Spongebob: OK (He pulls his leg up and Sandy but his other foot snaps the lever off) Oh no not again.
Sandy: (Pulling Spongebob) One more pull (She pulls twice as hard and Spongebob launches himself into the machine hitting the button that shuts the door) Phew that was a close one.
(He stands up and falls into the side of the machine knocking it over the side not that they know they did)
Sandy: Right now that we are back here we better attach this lever to the machine.
Spongebob: Sorry for bursting your bubble Sandy but…WERE FALLING REALLY FAST INTO THE ABYSS.
Sandy: But we can't we jus... (She walks to the door and sees the floor close by) AHHHHHHHHH!!!(Picking up the lever) Quick help me put this lever back on the machine. (Trying to put the lever on the machine) Its not working.
Spongebob: HURRY!!! (The machine is about 20 meters close to the ground) Were gonna die, were gonna die, were gonna die. Goodbye Sandy, Good bye time machine, Good bye lever, (Pulling sticky toy out of pocket) Good bye sticky toy.
Sandy: Spongebob that’s it pass me that toy.
Spongbob: (He passes Sandy the toy) Now what?
Sandy: Wait and see (She wraps the toys around the lever and attaches it to the machine)
Spongebob: (looking out of the machine) Hurry up Sandy or it won't just be me gone forever.
Sandy: (Pulling the lever) Done and done (The machine disappears just before it hits the ground and smashes)
(The machine appears in front of Mrs Squarepants house)
Spongebob: (Just his pants, nose and eyes, step out of the machine. He looks at the Squidward who knocked over his dad before) Hey look its Squidward. (He starts walking over to him)
Sandy: Spongebob what are you doing you can't just go willy nilly over to Squidward your mess up the whole time and space continuum
Spongebob: Huh?
Sandy: It doesn’t matter (Sees Squidward trip up on a stone) Quick tackle him so he won't knock into your Da... (Squidward knocks into Mr Squarepants) Oh great too late.
Spongebob: (Just his pants and eyes) How long do I have left Sandy?
Sandy: I'd say only about a minute and a half (Running into the machine) QUICK!!! Get in (Spongebob runs into the machine and Sandy pulls the lever the machine shakes then disappears)
Spongebob: (Opening the door and looking at another one of himself) Hey that looks like me.
Sandy: That’s because it is you from about 20 seconds ago but no time now quick stop Squidward falling into your Dad (Spongebob jumps and tackles Squidward) Well-done Spongebob.
Mrs Squarepants: (Opening the door) Hello
Mr Squarepants: I’m sorry to bother you miss but I think your boat mobile is unlocked.
Mrs Squarepants: Thank you would you like to come in for some coffee.
Mr Squarepants: Don't mind if I do. (He follow Mrs Squarepants into her house)
Sandy: Our work is done quick jump back into the machine (Spongebob jumps into the machine and pulls the lever the machine shakes and disappears)
(Scene cuts to Sandy's Treedome)
Spongebob: (Stepping out of the machine) Hooray I’m back to normal thanks Sandy.
Sandy: No problem partner.
Spongebob #2: Thanks Sandy.
Sandy: But how did you what did who when how...
Spongebob #2: I jumped into the machine when you came back here.
Sandy: (Opening the door of the machine) Well its time to go.
Spongebob: He can't go juuuust yet.
(Scene cuts to Squidward walking to The Krusty Krab)
Squidward: Well Spongebob isn't back yet that means he must have disappeared forever, HA HA HA HA (He steps into the Krusty Krab and walks to the register. He looks into the kitchen and sees 2 Spongebob‘s)
Spongebob and Spongebob #2: Hi Squidward.
Squidward: There two of them. (He runs home screaming) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (He smashes through the side of his house)
Spongebob: Ah good ole Squidward